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What is a Supreme URL?
What is a Supreme URL?

In this article we will show you what is a Supreme URL.

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Supreme URLs are tracking links that help to drive external traffic and conversions to your Amazon listing. You will boost Amazon’s A9 algorithm, and rank for specific keywords that you target.

Super URLs embed specific keywords so that when conversions occur Amazon will attribute sales.

Our Supreme URLs.

Pixelfy is the only platform that provides Amazon sellers with a variety of Super URLs:

  • Supreme URL – Directs buyers to the product page, driving higher conversions. It determines the time of the search, keyword attribution, and more.

  • Supreme 2.0 – 2-Step URL that provides incredible ranking results. This URL restricts products through an ASIN and a keyword.

  • Supreme 3.0 – SuperURL that imitates external traffic. Proven to be the best-ranking URL.

It's your turn!

Start creating your Supreme URLs today and don't hesitate to contact us for further inquiries!

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