Supreme URL

The regular Supreme URL will help you drive traffic to your product page, that way it will boost your sales! It also helps you determine the time of the search, keyword attribution, etc.

Pro-tip: Use the Supreme URL to index your keywords!

Supreme URL 2.0

This link can also help you boost your sales, but, its main purpose is to help you with your ranking! It is a 2-step URL to make it seem more natural, such as an organic search.

Supreme URL 3.0

This Supreme URL mimics an organic search for your product from an external search engine, making it the most efficient Supreme URL available!

Important: To use the Supreme URL 2.0 and Supreme URL 3.0 you should have indexed your selected keywords!

Now, it only depends on what you are looking to achieve: sales or ranking. Or you can also combine them and start out with the regular Supreme URL and then use the Supreme URL 2.0!

The power is in your hands!

Start using the Supreme URLs available and track your results now!

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