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How to get the Facet Value for a Target URL?
How to get the Facet Value for a Target URL?

In this article, we will show you how to get the Facet Value for a Target URL.

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Let's get the Facet Value!

To get your Facet Value for your Target URL, you will have to find your product on Target as a regular buyer using the filter system that the marketplace provides.

  1. Let's say your product is a Garlic press

  2. Search for your product using the provided filter system. It's easier to find your product with the "Brand" and "Sold by" filters

  3. Once you have found your product in the Target store, the platform will provide you with a new URL (where the Facet Value is shown).

  4. When creating your Target Retailer URL, in the section "Facet Value", you need to enter the data from the Target URL that's at the end of it, next to the "=" symbol

    For example in the link: "" the Facet Value would be "uyojyZ55bgm"

Now that you know how to get the Facet Value, it is your turn to create your own Target URL

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