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How to use the Link expiration settings feature?
How to use the Link expiration settings feature?

In this article, we will show you how you can use the Link expiration settings feature.

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The number of clicks can go down easily if you leave a Tracking Link running all the time. With the "Link expiration settings" feature, you can set a time limit, as well as a click limit for it.

Here's how you do it:

  1. When using the "Any URL Shortener" tool, go to the advanced options section, and click on the "Expiration Settings" section

    Important: You need to manually toggle this option "On".

  2. Once in this section, you will see several options that you can use for your Link

    Expiration Settings:

    • Date Limit: The exact date on which the URL will expire

    • Time Limit: The exact time which the URL will expire

    • Click Limit: The exact number of clicks after which the URL will expire.

    • Expiration URL: The link where the visitors will be redirected once the URL expires.

    Pro-tip: you can set up all three limits and the one that comes first will be activated.

    1.- When creating any other type of Tracking Link you can find the link expiration settings under the link customization options, having the same options as the one found in the Any URL Shortener tool

    With the Link expiration settings feature, you will have more control over your own Tracking Links than ever before!

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