As you may have noticed, the number of clicks can go down easily if you leave a Pixelfy URL running all the time. That is why we have created a feature where you can set a time limit, as well as a click limit for your Pixelfy links.

This tool is called “Link expiration settings”, and you can see it on your screen at the moment you create/edit your links:

The Link expiration settings feature comes deactivated by default, but, once active, it will display three sections called "Select time limit", "Set click limit", and "Expiration URL":

  • Select time limit: Selecting this option allows you to set a specific time limit for your link to expire. Simply click on the box and a calendar will appear. Then, select the date and time for the expiration

  • Set click limit: This option helps you to limit the number of clicks before your link expires, so when the URL hits the limit, the link will expire automatically.

  • Expiration URL: When a URL reaches a limitation, a default screen is displayed, however, you can redirect the user to another destination if your link has expired. This can be adjusted in the Expiration URL. Only add the new URL where you would like your users to be redirected once the original link expires.

With the Link expiration settings feature, you will have more control over your own Tracking Links than ever before!

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