Fill out the Social Sharing settings so your link has a nice-looking thumbnail when you share it.

Setting social sharing parameters.

  1. Click on "All tools" in your side toolbar and select the tracking link you want to create.

    Select Tracking Link

    Important: The only tool that does not have this option is the "Add-to-cart Button".

  2. Fill out the required settings and, at the bottom, you can find the Social Sharing set up:

    1. Submit an Image that will appear in the thumbnail for your link.

      Social Share Image

      Important: For Facebook, there are suggestions for the dimensions and size.

    2. Set the Name and Description for your preview.

      Title and Description
  3. Once you have completely set your tracking link, click Generate tracking link.

    Generate Link
  4. Copy your generated link.

    Generated Link

And you will get the thumbnail when you share it!

Generated Thumbnail

Give it a try!

A great custom thumbnail can make all the difference when it comes to clicking on your link.

🎉 Go ahead and generate your next tracking link.

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