When creating a Walmart URL you may have wondered how to rank multiple Keywords using a URL Rotator.

We will show you how to do it:

  1. Create a Walmart Retailer URL:

2. Once you have your Tracking Link created, click on "My Links" from the left-side menu:

3. In this section, you will find the Tracking Links you have created. Find your Walmart Retailer URL and click on the three dots at the end of your Link.

4. Select the option that reads "Duplicate link", and a new window will appear asking you to add a name for the duplicate. Fill in the information or, if you wish, leave the field empty.

5. After doing that, you will need to click the pencil icon on the right-side to edit your link.

6. On the settings of your Tracking Link, all you need to edit is the Keyword to another one you would like to use and, on the bottom of the page, simply click the "Save" button.

7. Once you have duplicated and edited all the Tracking Links you need, simply add

them to a URL Rotator!

Refer to the following article to learn all about the URL Rotator:

*How to use URL Rotator and rotate keywords?

Now you are ready to create your Walmart Retailer URLs and rotate keywords!

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