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How to create a Chat Landing Page Any URL?
How to create a Chat Landing Page Any URL?

In this article, we will show you how to create a Chat Landing Page Any URL.

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With this landing page, you can get access to your customer's information and receive a review in exchange for a free gift.

Creating your Chat Landing Page - Search Find Buy.

  1. Click on "Landing Pages" in your side toolbar and click on the "Create Landing Page" button.

  2. Once you have selected the Chat Landing Page - Any Url Landing Page, you will need to enter the following required parameters on each section:

    • Assign a Friendly Name to your landing page.

    • Submit the Title you want to use.

    • Set the Description mentioning the detail of your product for users to find.

    • Submit the URL you will be using for this Landing Page.

    • Use an optional Logo to make your landing page more attractive.

  3. Next, add the image of the product the users will be looking for.

  4. The Right side of the screen will show you the conversation flow of your Chat Landing Page. You can modify the text in each part, however, these are pre-made, therefore, no more sections or choices can be added.

  5. In the Designs section you can:

    • Assign a Color Scheme to your Landing Page.

    • Assign a color to the Robot that will answer your customers.

    • Assign a color to the User when they respond.

  6. In the "Set a Limit" section you can limit the number of interactions on this Landing page to any number you want.

    Pro tip: You can also edit the chat flow that will appear when the limit has been reached.

  7. You can select the "Tracking Settings" tab to:

    • Add a custom subdomain.

    • Add a Tracking Code to your Landing Page.

    • Add your Landing Page to one of your Campaigns

    • Toggle on or off the "Hide referrer" and "GDPR consent" options for further link customization.

  8. Once everything is set, simply click on "Save" and your Landing page will be ready.

    Now you are ready to start creating your Chat Landing Page - Any Url Landing Page!

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