What is retargeting?

Track the activity of your potencial customers, even after they clicked your link.

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Retargeting, or remarketing, is a way to follow your audience across the web and target them with appropriate ads and messaging. By embedding a pixel (a small piece of code) on your website, or link, you are able to track visitors and continue your marketing with them in other places.


Imagine you run a Facebook campaign; now, you can 'pixel' all the traffic you previously sent to Amazon (or elsewhere) and retarget it with another ad or another offer. Also, you can collect the data behind the traffic, e.g. demographics, locations, operating systems, etc.

Using Pixelfy, simply select the appropriate tracking link for your desired outcome. Destination URLs can be exchanged at any time, for any tracking link. Each tracking link can also be embedded with multiple tracking codes for retargeting.

Once traffic has been sent through the link, you can easily view the data on the click source, such as the number of clicks, location, and browser type within your Pixelfy Dashboard in general, or within the section "My Links".

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