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How do I get my Facebook and Instagram Pixel Code?
How do I get my Facebook and Instagram Pixel Code?

In this article, we will show you how to get your Facebook and Instagram Pixel Code.

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Creating your Meta Pixel

  1. Open your Meta Business account and, on the lower left-hand corner, select the gear option labeled "Business settings"

  2. Next, from the left-side menu, select the option "Data Sources" and click on the option "Pixels"

  3. In this section, you will find all your Meta Pixels for your account. Since we are creating a new one, click on the blue "Add" button

    Note: Pixels cannot be deleted.

  4. On the next screen, simply enter the name of your choice for your Meta pixel

    Important: Leave blank the section that reads "Check your website for easy set up options"

  5. Close the next window that will pop up and click on the option "Add people" under the name of your Meta Pixel:

  6. Next, select yourself and active the option that reads "Manage Pixel", this will give you full access to the Pixel you've created.

  7. Next, click on the option that reads "Add Assets"

  8. In this section you will need to add your Ad account in order for the pixel to work correctly. Simply select it and click on the blue "Add" button

    Adding your Meta Pixel Code to Pixelfy

    That would set up your Meta Pixel code, however, we need the code to add it to your Pixelfy account.

  9. To get the pixel code, select the icon with the three horizontal stripes from the left-side menu and, from the newly opened menu, click on "Events Manager"

  10. In the next screen, select your pixel and click on the button "Continue Pixel Setup"

  11. On the next screen select the option "Meta Pixel" and click on "Connect"

  12. Then you need to click the option that reads "Install Code Manually"

  13. Next, a new page will appear where you can see the code for your Meta Pixel. Simply click on the green button that reads "Copy Code" and paste it on your Pixelfy account in the Tracking Code section

    Now all you have to do is finish setting up your pixel on Meta and it should be good to go!

Keep in mind that Facebook and Instagram run on the same Ads platform, Facebook; therefore, your Facebook Pixel will work for Instagram as well!

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