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How to run an A/B test with a URL Rotator?
How to run an A/B test with a URL Rotator?

In this article, we will show you how you can run an A/B test with a URL Rotator.

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You may wonder how you can use a URL Rotator, or what is the best way to distribute your links. You can run an A/B test with a URL Rotator, which will help you determine which URL has more clicks and better traffic.

Use case: As an Amazon seller, you would like to rank more than one keyword for the same product.

Your product is a coffee maker, and you are ranking using “Coffee maker” and “Espresso machine” as keywords. You then create a Supreme URL 3.0 for these two keywords, and you would like to know which has a better ranking.

Once the two URLs have been created, it's time to add them to your URL Rotator.

Steps to Run the A/B test with a URL Rotator:

1) Go to "All Tools" and Select the Link Rotator.

2) Enter a Link Title for the Rotator.

3) Select the Redirect Mode that you want. You can choose between the following:

  • Sequential: Meaning that they will be appearing in the order they were added;

  • Weighted: Meaning that the link with the highest weight percentage will appear most to your users. (Note: When the Weighted is selected, make sure that the weighted sum equals 100%.);

  • Random: Meaning that they appear randomly to users;

  • Sequential by user: Meaning that you will select the order in which they appear to the users.

4) Now, let’s choose the URLs you want to add to your Link Rotator (You can enter up to 50 URLs). For this example we're using the ones we've just created:

Note: You can select the option to use the URLs you have created within Pixelfy or you can select to use any other URL you want

5) When everything else is set for your Link Rotator, simply click on Generate Tracking Link:


Note: You can edit the back half and the domain of your Tracking Link, Download a QR Code, and edit the Settings if you want to modify something.

Once you know how you would like your links to be distributed, it is important for you to have a good track of where your traffic is coming from, and what keywords have helped you rank the most. By doing A/B tests you can select the URL that has been more successful and focus on that specific link!

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