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Custom domains for your URL Branding.
Custom domains for your URL Branding.

In this article, we will show you all about the Custom domains for your URL Branding.

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Custom Branded URLs normally use real words that people can understand and read. This means that your links become more memorable and pronounceable. Instead of a generic link that people will usually scan over, your link can be easily read, giving your message another chance to be consumed.

That's why we have created an option to make your short URLs even more memorable by using and creating your own domains, all within Pixelfy.

Let's show you this feature:

  1. To access it, simply select the option "Custom domains" from your left-side menu

  2. If you have not created a domain within Pixelfy, the main page will display a brief explanation of this feature

  3. Next, you will be prompted to enter your domain name

    Important information: Make sure that you have already purchased your domain in a domain registrar of your choosing (,, etc.)

  4. Once you've entered your domain name, you will be asked if there's anything published within your domain, such as a website, a blog, social media, etc.

    *If the answer is "No" Move to step 5. If the answer is "Yes" move to step 7

  5. If the answer is "No", all you have to do is confirm that you don't have any content posted on the domain, and click the "Next" button

  6. Finally, simply follow the instructions prompted on the next screen and click on "Add Domain"! After that, your domain will be available for you to use within Pixelfy

  7. If the answer is "Yes", a warning message will appear informing you that this domain cannot be used since it already has some content posted on it and will prompt you to use a "Subdomain"

  8. Once you've clicked on the option "Use Subdomain" a new space in the page will appear to enter your subdomain. Once you've entered the name of your subdomain, simply click on "Next"

  9. On this page, simply follow the instructions to add your subdomain and hit the "Add subdomain" button:

Now that you know all the steps necessary to add a custom domain, make sure to put into practice everything you've learned to create more engagement with your audience!

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