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In this article we will show you all about our Tracking Links Tags.

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Basically, a Link Tag is a highly efficient way to organize your Tracking Links in any way you'd like to make it easier for you to find that Pixelfy URL that you've wanted to keep an eye on.

To do this, simply go to the Any URL Shortener tool, paste your long URL and enter the name you want for this link:

Once you've done that, you can start adding Tags to your URL by clicking the button "+ Add Tags":

Here you can add all the Tags you want to with the name of your choosing:

Once you've completed the setup for your Tracking Link, simply click on "Generate" and your URL will be ready!

Now that your Tracking Links are tagged, you can go directly to the "My Links" section where you'll see your Tracking Links with all the information and where you can click on any tag, and the system will display all the links with that tag:

This will allow you to compare the metrics of the links, see which one has been performing better, see how many of each one you have in that category, and many more indicators that will be very useful for you.

It's your turn to start squeezing every bit of information and exploit the full advantage of your Tracking Links with the Tracking Links Tag:

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