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What kind of Tracking Links can I create?
What kind of Tracking Links can I create?

In this article, we will show you what kind of Tracking Links can you create.

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Updated over a week ago offers 18 different kinds of Tracking Links! Every link has a different purpose, and you have the ability to embed pixels in every link.

Our Tracking Links:

  • Any URL Shortener - The first and most basic thing you can do on Pixelfy is to shorten your long URLs. Take any URL – no matter what size (it can be over a hundred characters long) and transform it into an easy-to-remember short link.

  • URL Rotator - Our URL Rotator allows you to send viewers to different web destinations using a single link on your page. Not only does this ensure that you’re marketing similar products adequately, but it also means that you get a wider spread for your clicks.

  • Supreme URL 3.0 - Basically, this tool works by leading your customers straight to your Amazon ASIN and ranks your product for any keywords you want. What makes this amazing is its powerful formula that imitates search engine traffic and helps improve your rankings up to 10 times better than any other link.

  • Supreme URL 2.0 - 2-Step URL that provides incredible ranking results. It requires customers to head to the search results before clicking into your listing directly. This URL is effective for this very reason – it requires exactly two steps that mimic an organic purchase, thus, helping you rank higher in search results.

  • Supreme URL - This is the ULTIMATE Super URL generator. Our proprietary bot generates Amazon’s exact URL to determine the time of the search, keyword attribution, and much more.

  • Search Find Buy Seeker URL (SFB) - One of the most effective ways to drive organic traffic by prompting customers to find your product in a series of simple steps. As the name suggests, it directs shoppers to search, find, and buy your product, which will be considered organic traffic by Amazon.

  • 2 Step Brand URL - This Super URL filters your product by brand and keyword, and it attributes keywords that are tied directly to your product’s title. This URL does not include the timestamp feature but directs buyers to click the listing before purchase.

  • Buy Together URL - With this type of link, you can control the “Frequently Bought Together” section on Amazon’s product page. It allows you to send traffic to a button that lets shoppers add two items to their shopping cart. With more purchases, the specific item will show up in the “Frequently Bought Together” section.

  • Add to Cart URL - If you want to increase your chances of landing the coveted Amazon’s Choice badge, this Super URL can help increase your odds. Conversions generated through this URL give Amazon the impression that the purchase originated from Amazon Alexa. With enough purchases, this increases your probability of earning the ‘Amazon Choice’ badge, often leading to increased organic sales.

  • Add to Cart Button - This generates a Javascript button that can be used on landing pages or giveaway pages. This button combines two URLs to effectively run a keyword search and add to the cart at the same time, simulating an Alexa purchase and increasing the probability of generating the 'Amazon’s Choice badge.

  • Canonical URL - 25% of Amazon’s search traffic comes from search engines. Creating this link allows you to optimize your page for 'off-Amazon search engine traffic'. Target 6 keywords and share on PBN or Blogs with anchor links. Then, simply watch your rank increase via Google.

  • Plain URL - This is a simple 'redirect link' to your Amazon listing, without any Super URL modifications.

  • Review Link - This link directs traffic to the ‘Create a Review’ page, set with a default 5-star rating.

  • Add-to-cart Landing Page - This generates an Add-to-Cart Landing page with instructions.

  • Amazon Choice URL - This creates search results based on ‘Alexa’s Top Picks’ with a specific keyword and ASIN.

  • Amazon Best Seller URL - Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to have Amazon’s Bestseller Badge? Knowing this, we created the Best Seller URL to significantly increase your chances of getting the badge. Think of this type of URL as the ultimate solution for getting closer to being a Best Seller.

  • Walmart Retailer URL - This is a simple and friendly, Walmart search-engine URL. This Super URL filters your product by retailer name and keyword.

  • Target URL - This is a simple and friendly, Target search-engine URL. This Super URL filters your product by keyword and Faceted Value.

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