Here's how you can do it:

Let's say you are creating a Supreme URL 3.0 and you have already followed the instructions for creating it, however, you want to rank more than one Keyword for your product.

In the section "Add Keywords" you can enter up to 50 different Keywords of your choosing for rank:

Once you have finished entering your Keywords, simply continue with the process of creating your Tracking Link and in the "Generate" button you will see the number of clicks you are generating:

Once generated, you will see a screen where you can find all your Keywords and their links.

Additionally, you can add those links directly into a rotator right away! Simply click on the button "Add (x) links to rotator" and the rotator will be already made for you!

Once they are added to the Link Rotator, simply fill in the remaining information and your Link Rotator will be ready to go!

Now it's your turn to use the URL Rotator!

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