How to create a Link Rotator?

In this article, we will show you how to create a Link Rotator.

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As you have noticed, you can create as many Tracking Links as you want within Pixelfy, but let's say that you're having a marketing campaign and want to try different URLs and not have to paste a lot of links on your social media, or, if you're an Amazon seller, using URLs such as the Supreme URL, Supreme URL 2.0, and Supreme URL 3.0, you can only add one keyword per link, and you have more than one keyword that you would like to rank.

Then the Link Rotator is the perfect tool for you!

Let's do this

  1. Go to "All Tools" and Select the Link Rotator.

  2. Enter a Link Name for the Link Rotator.

  3. Select the Redirect Mode that you want. You can choose between the following:

    • Sequential: Meaning that they will be appearing in the order they were added.

    • Weighted: Meaning that the link with the highest weight percentage will appear most to your users. (Note: When the Weighted is selected, make sure that the weighted sum equals 100%.)

    • Random: Meaning that they appear randomly to users.

    • Sequential by user: Meaning that you will select the order in which they appear to the users.

  4. Now, let’s choose the URLs you want to add to your Link Rotator. You can use URLs created within Pixelfy or even you can use any external link you desire.

    Additionally, you can add up to 50 URLs to a single Link Rotator:

  5. Next, you can use the features available within the Link Customization Options such as:

    • Adding a tracking code to your Rotator

    • Toggle on or off the "Hide referrer" and "GDPR Consent"

    • Add your Rotator to one of your campaigns

    • Change the domain of your Rotator if you have one available.

    • Activate the link expiration settings to choose when your Rotator will expire.

  6. In the "Social Sharing section, you can upload a custom picture that will display when shared on any social media, as well as the title and description that will be shown when posted.

  7. Finally, click Generate tracking link, and your LInk Rotator will be ready to go!

Note: You can edit the back half and the domain of your Tracking Link, Download a QR Code, and edit the Settings if you want to modify something.

Don't forget to check our video on the topic:

Now it's your turn to use the URL Rotator!

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