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How to shorten a URL with Pixelfy
How to shorten a URL with Pixelfy

It's never been easier to shorten a link with Pixelfy!

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Within you have 3 options to shorten a URL, each as easy as the other!

Using the Fast Shortener

  1. Simply enter any URL you want to shorten in the corresponding space and your link will be shortened automatically. You don't have to make a single click to do it!


Using the URL Shortener Tool

  1. Open the URL Shortener tool from your left-side menu in Pixelfy


  2. Enter/paste the destination title for your shortened URL and add a link name to it


  3. Click on "Generate" and that should do it!


    Note: This tool provides additional customization options. Check them right here.

  1. Download and install the extension from the Chrome Web Store


  2. Once installed, all you have to do is go to the website you want to shorten and click on the extension


  3. Simply click the "Shorten" button and your link will be shortened automatically. After that, you can edit and customize your link from the extension itself!


    You see? easy as 1, 2, 3! It's your turn to shorten your links and drive more traffic to your site!

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