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Pixelfy Google Chrome Extension

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This Google Chrome extension will help you shorten, customize and track, any URL you want without the need to use the website platform.

Here's how you can shorten your URLs quicker:

  1. After downloading and installing the Pixelfy extension from the Chrome Web Store, simply click on it and it will ask you to log in

  2. Once logged in, a new window will pop with your Pixelfy Dashboard. This means that the login was successful

  3. Now all that is left for you is to go to the website you want to shorten, click on the Pixelfy extension, and it will automatically enter the URL you're on. Simply click on the "Shorten" button and the customization menu will display.

  4. In the customization menu, at the top, you can see your new shortened URL. It will be copied to your clipboard when clicked.

    Additionally, in this section, you can:

    • See the destination URL for your Tracking Link

    • Select a custom domain if you have one available and customize the slug of the URL

    • Select a campaign for your Tracking Link

    • Add tags so you can better keep track of your URL

    • Activate and add UTM Tags for Analytics Tracking

  5. You can also review the history of your Tracking Links by clicking on the "History" button.

  6. To access the settings, simply click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner.

    Here, you can sign out from Pixelfy and toggle the option on or off to automatically shorten the current browser link and copy the created short URL automatically

Save time on shortening your URLs and start driving traffic to your website with one single click!

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