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Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers, Amazon Sellers, basically everyone can benefit from the tools found within Pixelfy!

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At Pixelfy we strive to have functionality for everyone, even if you are not an Amazon seller.

Creators, small businesses, large enterprises, individual bloggers, affiliate marketers, developers, and simple social media users can all benefit from our platform and we will present you some tools you might find most helpful when managing your links:


This is our most effective tool to shorten a link and keep track of each click. You can use it to shorten every type of link for your marketing campaigns, social media posts, and much more! Even better are the additional options that we have for this specific link, such as Geo-Targeting, UTM Tags, Andriod & iOS Targeting, etc.


This very useful tool allows you to enter up to 50 different Links and select a "Redirect Mode". This is especially helpful if you are doing an A/B test for your links or if you are trying to get your customers to your different websites without the hassle of pasting several links on your page.


Landing Pages are extremely helpful because it allows you to retrieve the user's information within a friendly and customizable non-invasive page. And they are very easy to use since the template is ready for you to customize.


If you are already using our powerful URL Shortener Tools, why not customize them even further to show your brand? With the Custom domains, you can select your own branded domain and select it instead of the Pixelfy.me domain!


As you can see, in Pixelfy, we offer a variety of tools and features to take link management to the next level, and the best part is that everyone can use it! If you were looking for a link management platform, then you have made the right choice with Pixelfy.

Head over to our Help Center to check out every amazing feature we have!

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