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How to use the Link Cloaking feature
How to use the Link Cloaking feature

In this article we will show you how to use the Link Cloaking feature.

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When someone clicks your Pixelfy Tracking Link, even after shrinking it and customizing it, the final URL will be displayed at the top of the browser.

This can ultimately get your audience confused as to which link they clicked, that's why we have an awesome option to prevent this from happening:

Link Cloaking!

This feature helps you to redirect your audience to your website, blog, product, or anywhere else, without changing the shortened link!

Here's how can use it:

1. Open the URL Shortener tool

Note: The "Advanced options" menu will be already opened.

2. Enter your long URL in the "Destination URL" section and the name will automatically appear

3. On the "Advanced Options" menu, select the option that reads "Link Cloaking"

4. Toggle "On" the Link Cloaking feature and you will see the Pixelfy URL that the user will see when redirected

5.- Simply click on "Generate" and your Cloaked Tracking Link will be created

Note: You can fully customize your URL before clicking on "Generate" so your link can be more appealing to your audience.

6. Now when someone clicks your link, instead of seeing this:

Your audience will see this:

Now you are ready to start creating eye-catching URLs and engage your audience like never before!

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