This URL generates search results based on ‘Alexa’s Top Picks’ using a specific keyword and ASIN.

Creating your Amazon's Choice Super URL.

  1. Click on "All tools" in your side toolbar and select the Amazon's Choice Super URL tool.

    Amazon's Choice Super URL

    Pro-tip: You can select to show this tool in the left menu to have quick access.

  2. Once you have selected the Amazon's Choice Super URL, you will need to enter the following required parameters:

    • Assign a Friendly Name to your tool.

    • Submit the ASIN you want to use.

    • The Keywords you want to use.

    Required Fields

  3. Once you have completely set your Amazon's Choice Super URL, click Generate tracking link.

    Generate Tracking Link

    and you will see your newly created Amazon's Choice Super URL.

    Here you can:

  4. Click your new URL, you will be redirected to the intermediate page showing "Alexa's top picks" and the keyword you set.

Don't forget to check our video on the topic:

It's your turn!

🎉 Now you are ready to generate your own Amazon's Choice Super URL!

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