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How do I create a Search-Find-Buy URL?
How do I create a Search-Find-Buy URL?

In this article, we will show you how to create a Search-Find-Buy URL.

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This URL will put your customers to work finding the product in the search results. In some cases, your customers may need to search several pages!

Creating your Search-Find-Buy URL.

  1. Click on "All tools" in your side toolbar and select the Search-Find-Buy URL.

    Pro-tip: You can select to show this tool in the left menu to have quick access.

  2. Once you have selected the Search-Find-Buy URL, you will need to enter the following required parameters:

    • Assign a Friendly Name to your URL.

    • Submit the ASIN you want to use.

    • Set the Keyword you want to use.

    Pro-tip: You can add up to 50 keywords and generate multiple links.

  3. Use optional Intermediate Page settings with instructions.

  4. In the next section you will find the link customization options, where you can:

  5. In the social sharing section, you can upload your logo or the image of the product, and add a title and a description that will be shown when your link is posted on any social media.

  6. Once you have completely set your Search-Find-Buy URL, click Generate tracking link and you will see your newly created Search-Find-Buy URL.

    Note: If you entered more than one Keyword, you will generate the same number of Tracking Links as the Keywords entered.

    Here you can:

  7. When you click the new link, you will be redirected to the intermediate page with the instructions you set.

  8. Keep in mind that your customer must manually look for your product using the instructions provided on the intermediate page. They might even have to look in several results pages to find it.

Don't forget to check our video on the topic:

Here you can:

And there you go, now you have created an SFB URL tracking link!

It's your turn!

πŸŽ‰ Now you are ready to generate your own Search Find Buy URL!


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