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Top reasons every Blogger & Affiliate Marketer needs Pixelfy
Top reasons every Blogger & Affiliate Marketer needs Pixelfy

This starting guide will help you get the most out of Pixelfy.

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New to Pixelfy? Well, you’re in the right place!

Whether you’re a digital marketer, blogger, or affiliate marketer, this starting guide will help you get the most out of Pixelfy.

Think of this as the instructions you get when buying a new fridge. We know you don’t want to go through all the points and waste a lot of time reading its entire history. You just need the main highlights to get started. That’s why we created this detailed guide.

Ready, Set, GO!

Table of Contents

Welcome to Pixelfy

Links connect your blog, brand, or anything you share with the online world. Between social media marketing, email marketing, social sharing, brand communications, customer support, or advertising campaigns, you probably don’t even have a ballpark estimate of how many links you create and share each year.

That’s why having a central link management tool is crucial to your hitting your marketing goals. And that’s why Pixelfy is here for you.

We’re always striving to provide the best link tools and solutions for bloggers and affiliate marketers, that’s why on the Pixelfy platform you’ll find everything you need to cover your link management needs (and even more).

Here’s a snapshot of the things you can do on Pixelfy:

  • Short your long URLs

  • Brand them with your custom domain and slug

  • Create as many tracking links as you need

  • Keep track of all your clicks in real-time

  • Cloak affiliate links so they look like internal links

  • Manage all your tracking links from one platform

  • Retarget customers and perform A/B tests

  • Run ad campaigns and optimize content marketing

  • Redirect customers and rank higher in search results

Pixelfy is your go-to solution when it comes to link management tools and solutions.

Pixelfy as a URL Shortener

First things first. When it comes to your brand, presentation matters.

There’s a greater chance that short URLs will have higher open rates and conversions rather than long ones, because short links help build trust between your brand and its customers, which in turn means they’re more likely to click your links.

At Pixelfy we always say that short links are super powerful. But branded short links are even more powerful. That’s why on Pixelfy you can take any of your long URLs (which can be over a hundred characters long) and transform them into beautiful and engaging links (with a length that never exceeds 20 characters).

And the best part with our URL Shortener is that it’s super easy to do so:

  1. Paste your long URL

  2. Give it a custom name

  3. Add a personalized slug of your choice

And voila, your short and branded link is ready to be shared.


Pixelfy as a Tracking Link Generator

So, you shortened your first links, branded them, and added them to your social media pages, website, email marketing campaigns, or newsletters. How do you know what links are being clicked? How can you tell how much traffic each link is bringing to your website or product page?

Well, our tools have the answers!

Add Tracking codes — unique snippets of code to record how viewers interact with your links. You can store as many tracking codes as you would like in, so that you can then embed them into your tracking links.

Whenever a tracking code will be embedded in a link, anyone who clicks on that link will be automatically tagged with the embedded Tracking Code.


Use UTM parameters — a simple, straightforward, and reliable way to track online traffic. They will show you exactly which links are driving traffic and sales on your site or blog, and what’s best – they work perfectly with Google Analytics.

Add UTM Tags to each tracking link you create with Pixelfy to get detailed pictures of your advertising campaigns and link performance.


Pixelfy as an URL Rotator

Once you’ve added tracking links to your advertising campaigns, marketing promotions, or newsletters, using a URL rotator is a smart way to maximize your link results.

With Pixelfy URL Rotator, you can split traffic into up to 50 different destinations of your choice using just one link.


This is especially helpful if you are performing A/B tests for your links or if you are trying to get your customers to your different websites without the hassle of pasting several links on your page.

Pixelfy as a Data Analyst

Pixelfy not only allows you to create branded URLs but also saves your time on data analysis.

Each Pixelfy URL you create comes with detailed statistics so you can track anyone who clicks on your link in real time.

See what traffic source or ad campaign is driving the best results, and gain insights into different market metrics all from one single dashboard:

  • Unique clicks versus the total clicks

  • Clicks by geographic location

  • Organic share clicks

  • Clicks by city/region

  • Top-performing links

  • Top clicks by browser type

  • Clicks by device type (computer or mobile device)

  • Clicks per destination URL (if you use the URL Rotator)


Pixelfy as a Retargeting Platform

It can also make a huge impact on your conversions if you use Pixelfy’s retargeting tools in your marketing campaigns.

Imagine using some tracking links in your ads. With Pixelfy, you can “pixel” all people who clicked on your link and then reach them again with targeted ads.

Enable iOS & Android Targeting — with this feature enabled, you can enter two completely different URLs and, depending on the OS of the person who clicks on your link, will be redirected to the URL you have entered for each one.

Enable Geo-Targeting — an active geographical location tracker that lets you redirect viewers depending on their geographical position — in particular identifying what country and region they are in.

You can use these features later on Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, or anywhere you want to retarget customers or blog viewers. This helps make a great difference in your advertising performance because you can retarget interested users easily.


Pixelfy as a QR Code Builder

With Pixelfy, it’s now easier than ever to use URLs to engage not only online customers, but also offline ones. You can automatically generate unique QR Codes for every single tracking link you create.

Create a tracking link, generate a QR Code, and use it in your marketing inserts, emails, or just anywhere you want to advertise, so you can track clicks and views.

Pixelfy QR Code Builder

Pixelfy as an All-In-One Link Software

On top of all our link tools and features, there is more: we offer full customization over your tracking links.

Set up custom expiration dates — it’s totally up to you to decide when your branded URL will expire. You can set up a different date limit or a click limit after which the link will expire. Or, you can let it run forever – without any expiration date.


Hide referer — you can easily replace the original referrer URL with your short link so that the destination owner cannot determine the source of the traffic.

Enable GDPR Consent — Pixelfy also allows you to add a GDPR consent to your links. What is the GDPR? It is a shortage of the General Data Protection Regulation. This is a way to ask for consent to use your users’ data. Valid in the European Union. Non-compliance with these norms can cost you heavy penalties.

Turn on mobile deep linking — improve the user experience of your site visitors who access your product site from their mobile devices. When enabled, this feature allows the link to be opened in the mobile app (if installed), or directly in the browser.

Set up your ​​Social Sharing options — make sure your link always has a nice-looking thumbnail and description when you share it.


Pixelfy as an Affiliate Link Management Platform

If you run affiliate marketing campaigns regularly and promote a wide range of products, then Pixelfy is the perfect solution for you!

There are several ways to use Pixelfy tools to promote affiliate products. You may use tracking links on affiliate banners on your website or blog. You may also insert them into your social media posts, banners, descriptions, or email marketing.

Here are some of the most important benefits:

  • It allows you to keep track of affiliate link clicks

  • It helps you cloak the affiliate links so they look like internal links

  • It makes your affiliate link shorter than they are

  • It lets you rotate different affiliate links and see which one performs the best

  • If you run a targeted affiliate campaign, our detailed dashboard and statistics will help you analyze whether your efforts are headed in the right direction.

  • It keeps you organized which is important for running affiliate marketing campaigns.

The best part is that Pixelfy helps you automate all these tasks, thus saving you plenty of time and effort. And time is money. That means using Pixelfy as an affiliate management system can make you even more money than you’re making right now.

Ready, Set, Sell!

And there you have it! A quick starting guide for bloggers and affiliate marketers.

As you can see, Pixelfy leaves no stone unturned. It offers various solutions for all your link management needs. Use them, and you will surely love the results.

We hope you enjoyed and found useful our quick starting guide to help you jump right into our Pixelfy link management world.

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