What is Pixelfy.me?

URL shortener, link management platform, Retargeting platform, you name it!

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Pixelfy.me is a URL shortener, but it goes beyond that!

Pixelfy offers over 17 Tracking Links, each has been specially crafted for a specific purpose, and you can use our multiple features such as embed retargeting pixels, UTM Tags, link expiration settings, social sharing, and customizing each link to better fit your business goals!


You can then retarget those people who clicked on your link, with our tracking codes for Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn Ads.

With Pixelfy.me, analyzing your clicks won't be a pain! Each link gives you a full view of critical metrics about your traffic and insight into user behavior, such as the number of clicks, location, browser type, etc.


You can also create your own Landing Pages, so you will be able to retrieve Email Addresses, Reviews, and rank in a more dynamic way!

You can even add your own custom domain so that you can brand and personalize all of your links!


As you can see, in Pixelfy, we offer a variety of tools and features to take link management to the next level; like link branding, QR code generator, link redirect, link analytics, and many more features to fit everyone; from Creators, small businesses, large enterprises, Amazon sellers, individual bloggers, affiliate marketers, developers, and simple social media users โ€“ if you were looking for a link management platform, then you have made the right choice with Pixelfy.

Have a question? Head to our Help Center to learn more about our features and how-tos!

Pixelfy.me is an awesome tool tailor-made just for you!

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